Jumps and repeats

• May 16, 2024 - 21:30

I updated MuseScore to 4.3 a week ago. I'm not sure if the update is related but today I cannot add notations to my score from the palette "Repeats and Jumps" although I was able to use these notations 3 days ago. I have been trying to click on the Coda sign, To Coda, and D.S. al Coda. None of them are working. I added a text box and wrote in the notations, but I cannot add the coda sign to my score. The only things working are the repeat bars. I've reset the palette and also made sure to enable editing. Any suggestions?


What are you doing before you click on the item in the pallet? You need to have a measure selected (blue selection box showing) so that Musescore knows where to add the item.

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