Dynamics and Hairpins Above Staff for Voices

• May 16, 2024 - 11:04

Currently, it's possible to set dynamics and hairpins to either be below or above the staff, but it changes this for the entire score rather than individual staves. This is fine if you're writing either music for all instruments or all voices, but it gets complicated if you're writing for both, which is frequently the case for me. It also makes it very easy for a less experienced composer/arranger to have dynamics and hairpins at the wrong place. Yes, it is possible to flip them to the other side of the staff once they're in place, but this takes time and is an extra action that, in my opinion, shouldn't be necessary.

Here are my suggestions, and I would highly recommend doing BOTH rather than one or the other:

  1. Make it possible to specify the placement of dynamics and hairpins for individual staves rather than for the entire score. I'd suggest putting this option as a tick box on the Staff/Part Properties screen, and perhaps (or perhaps not) under Advanced style properties.

  2. Make it the default for voices to have the dynamics and hairpins above the staff rather than below. This can still be changed, either individually or globally, but it will make the default as it should be, thus saving time and helping less experienced users.

Thanks for your consideration.

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