No log in option on the desktop ap

• May 16, 2024 - 01:20

Help. I have signed up and paid the fee for Muse score. Looks like I'm signed up for Muse score Pro + with learn lite. I need to use the ap in order to access certain feature but when I open the ap on my Mac there doesn't seem to be a sign in option, it's just trying to get me to sign up for Annual access. The page says FLASH SALE. Don't miss your special muse score courses offer. With a $79.99 annual offer and a button saying start now.

I thought I'd already signed up. If I haven't signed up for this then I want a refund for whatever I did sign up for.
Let me know if you can help me log in with the deal I've got.



If you see a message from the website, you are not actually trying to "open the ap". The app (MuseScore Studio) does not give any such message, and does not require any login.

This webpage ( is about using the app. If you need assistance with the website (which is what your description sounds like), see this info:

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