Importing MIDI file containing drums

• May 13, 2024 - 17:20

Hi all,

Can you give a bit of advise on working with drums and MIDI? Let me explain what I’d like to do:

My preferred way of writing out a drum score is by importing the CD audio into Pro Tools, adjusting the tempo track, if necessary to align it to the grid, and recording an instrument track, playing along using my e-drums. Then I quantize and adjust individual MIDI notes to the length I like them engraved (e.g., when a beat has notes on the first and fourth 16th, I would draw the first hit for the length of a dotted 8th note).
When finished, I export the MIDI file.
In MuseScore 4, I open the MIDI file (use open from the file menu, or drag the file onto an empty score), which is treated as a piano part.
In the instruments panel, I replace the piano with a drumset, hoping that I get a single stave in which the C2 is recognized as a kick drum and the D2 as a snare hit. Unfortunately, the system converts to percussion but leaves the two staves. I tried to copy a range selection of all kick drums into the other (or a new, single drumset) stave, but that replaces the notes that were already there. Also, selecting all hi-hats, which by default sound like bongos, and using the arrow keys to correct them all at the same time, only changes the first selected one.

Any ideas of how to improve my method, or should I wait for the next update (currently on 4.3.0), which promises good news for percussionists?

Thanks in advance,

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