Guitars Vol.1 and Mususcore4.3

• May 12, 2024 - 13:16

Guitars Vol.1 and Mususcore4.3 are incompatible

Guitars Vol.1 and Mususcore4.3 sono incompatibili


Not incompatible, but options for guitar not yet available I guess. And I have no idea when it will be.
I quote an excerpt of this post:

"Some of the playback options for different instruments include:

Flute & bassoon: vibrato, overblown
Oboe: non-vibrato
Trumpet: shake
Percussion: sticks, mallets
Suspended cymbal: secco, slice
Strings: non-vibrato
Violins & violas: bartok
Choir: vowel sounds (ahh, ooh, mmm, etc.)

When an option is chosen, playback is adjusted accordingly, and the text in the score updates to reflect the chosen option. For example, if the user selects 'Ahh' for the choir, then the stave text will update to say 'ahh', though you can edit it to say something else if you prefer and the playback will remain as 'Ahh'.

The list of available options is produced dynamically by Muse Sounds, which means we are able to add more options in Muse Sounds without having to do any more work to support them in MuseScore.However, it also means you won't be able to test this feature until we release an updated version of Muse Sounds that supports it.

At present, the playback aspect of sound flags only works with Muse Sounds, not SoundFont or VST"

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