Get error when saving in MS 4.3

• May 9, 2024 - 23:22

I upgraded from 4.2 to 4.3. Now I get an error message when I save.
The first pic is when I hit the SAVE button. The second Pic is when I try to "Save as". What's funny is the error says it cant find the file. OF COURSE it can't find the file, I am saving as a new file. 😂
The score is an existing score that I created in MS 4.2 (before upgrading).
I dont know if it matters to this issue, but I am still having problems upgrading the program (see previous forum topic). However, when I tried installing through MuseHub, it installed (I think). I got a message that it didn't install, but when i checked my apps, it was installed and it seems to work fine, except for this issue.
I searched for other forum topics about not saving. I came across one that when they disabled their Windows Defender, it worked. I tried that and it still won't save.

Save file.jpg
Save copy.jpg


I think I figured it out. It is my firewall. I turned the firewall off when saving, but apparently it doesn't matter. The firewall still would not let me save. I had to put in an exception rule for the MS exe. After doing that, boom, it is now saving fine.

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