Saved Score disappeared! Help!!

• May 9, 2024 - 17:31

Hi everyone, something terriblejust happened to me: my score disappeared even if I saved it! This should not happen and have never happened before! I am so devastated, I just want to cry! Is there a posdible to reset musescore to an earlier time? 3 hours ago everything was there!


Where did you save them? Locally or in the cloud?
If you are working on desktop software try checking the destination path via: Edit/Preferences/Folders

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Thank you so much for your kind comment, I really appreciate your help! I could not understand this since I always pressed the disquette icon high up on the left, unfortunately, I did not save online.. but before I had to close musescore due to a zoom conference, I even clicked "save" and still, only a quarter of my work is turning up, a lot of empty bars to be seen.. when I search "documents - musescore- scores" strangely, the last saved things occure on 6.5 and then again today evening, even if I worked yesterday and today all day on this score (and clicked "save" every 15 minutes!) still nothing seems to have been saved.. I am so devastated..

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"save as" seems to be a safer option than just "save" or saving to the cloud. You know just where the score is being saved. Have you looked in the hidden backup folder in your scores folder. Look for instructions for your OS on how to view hidden folders. Although I have no idea why it is hidden in the first place.

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Do not say unfortunately I did not save online.
Saving online is less reliable than locally.
You say I click on the disquette icon : first time you have you had to select a location ?
Which one did you select exactly ?
Best approach is to select a folder other than the default one, that you have created yourself for all your scores and for which you are 100% sure of the name (not "was it MuseScore 4 docs or perhaps MuseScore 3 docs...), no, something that you control is better.
And now, if that local folder is connected to your one drive or whatever online storage solution you have, then even better of course.

I wanted to say a big Thank You! to all kind helpers! I got a lot of suggestions, I tried them all out and turned every stone around and - suddently the score appeared again!! No idea where it had hidden.. but it for sure was worth opening a bottle of champagne to celebrate! Thanks again and cheers!

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Ok glad it ended well.
But consider creating your own folder to save scores, independent of the default one, and use it for all your scores.
That way you are sure where your scores are.
And backup that folder very regularly (maybe automatically with some cloud solution, keeping the folder local though to keep access to your scores without internet connection, and for quick save and open when your internet connection is slow)

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