MDL .drm files no longer working

• May 9, 2024 - 17:01

Been using the popular workaround with sforzando to use the MuseScore 3 MDL soundfonts/notation, had no issues until the new 4.3 update. Loading in the old .drm files crashes the whole program. I know MDL is coming in update 4.4 but I don't want to have to wait, should I just downpatch? The soundfonts work fine but there's no point if I can't use the proper notation. Is there a way to "update" the .drm files so I can avoid the "Drum Set File Too Old" warning?


What if you edit the drm file with a text editor and change:

museScore version="3.02" (or whatever version the drm was made with)
museScore version="4.30"

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That's fair, but the .drm files worked on every version of MuseScore except the new 4.3 update. My assumption is they started implementing code for the new drumline soundfonts coming in 4.4, which makes certain old .drms incompatible. If a current developer sees this and knows of a potential temporary fix, I would appreciate the help!

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