Note flag contradictions with text menu entries

• May 8, 2024 - 14:58

Positive comments about studio this time. Most of the pecularities with solo strings with version 4 have almost dissapeared as far I have tested.

Some confusion about the new note flags for me. From old score some items seem to have the icon available like 'con sord.' and corresponding pair 'ord.'. This seems not to be implemented yet. Then 'sul pont.' not even it has been working well and old markings still work (with one exception). But trying a new similar text with sound flags it sounds very quietly. The text can be changed, I found out.

To my surprise bartok pizzicato was available but not with the commonly used articulation mark but only with note flag.
I guess this is a new layer on top of the old methods. Adding pizzicato and sul pont. from the text menu should be used with note flags?
But if one tries to use text menu pizzicato and then bartok pizzicato there has to be note flag ordinato between the two or both sound as normal pizzicato. If pizzicato is also note flag there is no need for ordinato in between. Text menu ordinato does not work between the two and the last note is normal pizzicato. See example attached.
This might have caused a save error in the big score but it 'saved as' normally. I am wondering if this is yet in working order?

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