Scanning in PDF's and getting the wrong time signature in some bars

• May 8, 2024 - 14:36

I've scanned in a pdf and taken it into Musescore 4. Some of it works, and I am used to fixing all the mistakes. C'est la vie.

But I notice that even though the score is 4/4, some bars are wrong. eg 7/8.
If i right click a bar i think is wrong it will show me. but is there anyway to automatically show me when a bar duration is different to the time signature?
I am sure in the past I have had a grey minus sign which indicates this issue. But TBH, most of the time it isn't there. Any suggestions? And how come the grey minus is not always present?
Also is it possible to mass change all bars to be the correct time signature?

Thanks in advance.

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> And how come the grey minus is not always present?
Isn't the minus sign hidden by the blue frame in measure 12? And I can see it at the other measures of the right side of each staff.

> Also is it possible to mass change all bars to be the correct time signature?
AFAIK: No, just one at a time.

C'est la vie, only if you use a "black box" scanning program, such as the one MS offers. A true music OCR program like SmartScore (and others) allow you to see the recognized score and make corrections before exporting an XML file, which you then would import into MS.

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Thanks for this. Although looking at Smartscore, I see it is sadly not free.
I will only be doing scanning a few times a year so don't feel I can fork out for it just yet.
But if you have any suggestions i would love to hear it as Musescore scanning is quite bad, even for very very clear PDF's

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MuseScore uses Audiveris to scan PDF files. Unfortunately, you have no control over this process.
But Audiveris (it's free) can also be downloaded and run locally on the PC (at least on Windows - I haven't checked for others).
It's the same software and it's not easy to use, but it will indicate which measures were probably not recognized correctly. These are often triplets or the flags of the eighth notes. You can correct the errors in Audiveris before exporting to an xml file.
Even if the correction in Audiveris is a bit more difficult, at least most of the measures are marked so that you can quickly recognize them and correct them in MuseScore afterwards.
Other programs that are supposed to be better all cost money. They may be a little better at recognition, but probably none will be perfect.

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Like everything else, your needs (and budget) will determine the value of a program. I scan and recognize well over a hundred scores per year. SmartScore is an essential tool in the box. As HildeK says, none are perfect, but many are less perfect than others.

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