Playback Issues (MuseScore 4.3)

• May 8, 2024 - 10:25

This morning I updated MuseScore to 4.3.0-241231433 (5f36e74) and score playback had strange sounds and a completely different tempo (, warning - earrape). I tried to export it and (thankfully) it sounds like I would expect ( This leads me to believe that this is not a problem with the score file itself (which was my biggest fear), but I don't have much of an idea past that.
Has this happened to anyone else (and what can I do about it)?


I can add to this topic that I have the same problems and that they got worse with every MS update.

I use three computers, a WIN 10 laptop with rather limited hardware resources, a powerful Linux machine with a gaming video card in it, and my wife's IMac, also a modern, powerful machine.

The lagging playback occurs on all of these computers alike. It even lags on my strongest machine when I reset to the older soundfiles - even a simple, four-part brass setting doesn't play back as it should. So I think there's a flaw in the code.

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