How to get different vocal sound types?

• May 8, 2024 - 05:05

So, I watched the trailer video for Musescore 4.3.0, and I saw that you could now switch between vocalizing Ahh to other things like Mmm and Ooh. But, I can't find that option anywhere. I have verified that I have the right version. All Muse Sounds are up to date. How do I make that text with the playback option (a.k.a. the sound flag)?


  1. Use the Mixer (F10) to confirm that the staff is using Muse Sounds. You have to follow quite a trail of menu options. For example:
    Sound > Muse Sounds (enabled) > Muse (enabled) > Muse Choir (enabled) > Sopranos (enabled)

  2. Close the Mixer, then select the entire measure where you want the Sound Flag to appear.

  3. In the Text palette, click Staff text. Note that the loudspeaker icon is only visible when the Staff Text element is selected.

  4. I agree that it's not obvious how to access the different sounds ooh, aah or mmm by clicking the speaker icon. What I see are these options:

IMO this feature is not yet "discoverable"!

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Well... with a bit more investigation, this Mu 4.3 feature is discoverable. If you persist.
Mu_4.3_Staff_Text_for voices.png

But the Ahh, Ooh and Mmm sounds only work with instruments Voice, Men and Women.
Currently the Ahh, Ooh and Mmm sounds do not work with instruments Soprano, Alto, Tenor or Bass.

See the attached sample score.

Sorry to be grumpy.... but having played around with the new vocal sounds, I find their playback varies from underwhelming to awful. What do others think?

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Wow. You're right about the Underwhelming to awful part. It just feels so fake. I can't even hear the Voice, Woman, and Men. I feel like all the other instruments in the Muse Sounds package have been made with more care. And for the Voice (Full Choir), the only note I can hear is the G note right in the beginning.

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If I'm doing vocal lines, I tend to use oboe and harmonica for soprano and alto, and trombone and bari sax (or bari sax/tuba) for tenor and bass. That way the different lines sound explicitly different from each other. (These instruments are often referred to as being [nearly] as expressive as the human voice.)

I hate the vocal sounds and I fear I won't like the new sounds any better.

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