A few really annoying issues with the new muse sounds features in Musescore 4.3.0

• May 7, 2024 - 16:58

String quartet does not play articulation unless written to play ordinarily via sound flags. Please add expressivo for violin 2 and viola.
Women is not audible, if it’s playing at all. I’ve set it to fortissimo, full mixer volume. Nothing. Men, on the other hand, works fine.
Muse sampler is updated.
New sub-divider added for an incomprehensible reason:
Muse brass is already there but muse choir isn’t, outside of that “muse” divider. The muse brass in “muse” is not complete.
Muse harp pres de la table seems to be working fine.
Sound flags for steel guitar are working fine
Any plans for nylon flags?
Still testing
(Sorry the image is upside down lol)


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