Musescore 3 SAVE?

• May 4, 2024 - 12:11

Why everytime I save my score in Musescore 3, it indicates as a Musescore 4 file in my folder even though I deleted the Musescore 4 and didn't do the score in Musescore 4? I hate that software, it makes a lot of errors and makes your score inaccessible!!


The file was saved as a Musescore 3 File and yet the 2nd photo that I showed was the file became a Musescore 4 file and I have no idea why it is like that.

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A MuseScore 3 file cannot turn itself into a MuseScore 4 file. If you definitely save a MuseScore 3 file then it may be that your operating system still thinks it's a MuseScore 4 file because your operating system has .MSCZ files associated with MuseScore 4.

Uninstall of any software does not get rid of everything having to do with that software. Run a search of your hard drive for "musescore4". Go to and delete the files that are shown. Except for scores.

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WIndows file associations are handled by the registry and will not show up in a file search. They can be changed manually by using RegEdit or, (more normally), from the "Open With..." context menu (= right-click menu) where you can browse for a specific program if it's not already in the list and then select "Always" to make the association permanent. (Exactly as underquark said earlier).

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