Copyright field in Project Properties should be specified for all uploaded scores.

• May 4, 2024 - 06:06

I think most, if not all, scores uploaded to should have a properly specified Copyright field. As appropriate the field might be "Copyright © [year] by [owner]", one of the Creative Commons designations, or simply "Public Domain".
If this information were included, then it would be clear what could or could not be done with a downloaded score for other than (always OK) private uses.
I would like to see thoughts about whether or not all uploaded files be required to have a "proper" Copyright field. Or, should a default be inserted into an empty field.
As i understand the current situation "Private Use Only" is the default meaning for a blank Copyright field unless the score is flagged as "Public Domain". But this flag doesn't go with a download,


"Private Use Only" is the default meaning unless the score is flagged as "Public Domain", completly irrespecive of the copyright field
But that's more of a issue, so would need to get brought up there rather than here on

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