Terrible lag on current version of musescore

• May 3, 2024 - 20:31

I've started trying to work on a piece that uses a full orchestra, however, whenever I play it, the playback is just awful. There are delays and pauses that last seconds whenever I try to play it, and my computer more than meets the requirements of musescore 4. I would really like some help with this as it is ruining my experience with musescore. I have already tried most of the "fixes" I've seen online, and none have worked.


Are you listening to the player with Bluetooth headphones or on Bluetooth-connected speakers? If this is the case, listen with headphones with a jack cable or speakers without Bluetooth

I find it interesting that people go online to fix problems with MuseScore, rather than the manual. In the manual section is this How Too about sound issues.
It is a question of finding that one setting that works for you. Even an under powered computer can run MU4 OK.
As far as headphones goes, Don't connect or disconnect anything while MU4 is running.

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