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• May 3, 2024 - 10:48

Does anybody knows a trick to export a score into high quality JPG or TIFF ? For publishing, I just learned that PDF was not accepted and that I need to export my score in high quality (600 dpi) jpeg or tiff image. Exporting into png first and then exporting in jpg or tiff with another program doesn't allow me to get more than 300 dpi... Thank you !


I tried it with one of my scores. Exported to png at 600dpi. Then used the online tool "free convert.com" to convert it to tiff at 600dpi and it was ok.

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Yes, you can set 600dpi to export a png image, but the result is not 600dpi in my opinion. (MuS 3). It seems to be only 300dpi. A bug?

There is a possibility for a high resolution graphic export. Use the *.svg format and open the file with Inkskape (free). There you can export to png, tiff, jpeg with a selectable resolution. I have not tested everything, but even the setting to 2400dpi is accepted. But then it takes many minutes to export to png or jpg.

But a 600dpi image is then several hundred MByte in tiff and only a few MByte in jpg or png. *.svg images are about half a MByte and can be scaled by Inkscape to any resolution.
Musescore, 'sold' as 600dpi:
SVG, via Inkskape exported in 600dpi - real 600dpi!:

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