How do I remove a verse in lyrics, including the gap

• May 3, 2024 - 04:43

In the attached file, I deleted all the words in the third verse, but I can't figure out how to close the gap between the 2nd and 4th verses.

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Right-click, Select >More >Same subtype
Use "Set to verse" in Properties to change the verse line.
Manually change the number at the beginning of each line.
Repeat for other verses.

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I found the 'Same subtype' and the box has Verse 2 (or verse 4, whichever one I right clicked on).
However, I don't understand what you are meaning by:

Use "Set to verse" in Properties to change the verse line.

Just to be clear, I am wanting to remove the blank line where verse 3 used to be.

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You can use the right-click, Select / More / Same subtype to select and delete the fourth verse ... but you've already done that.

Now, repeat that sequence to select the fifth verse. With the fifth verse selected, go to the left and open the Properties tab. Under Lyrics, change the Set to verse dropdown to "4".

Then select verse 6 and move it to verse 5, etc.

In the first screenshot, I've deleted verse 2 and selected verse 3.

20240503 153448 verse 1.png

When I set Set to verse to "2", you'll see that it moves up into the second verse position.

20240503 153448 verse 2.png

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