Musescore audio messing up when repeating back to beginning of a movement

• May 3, 2024 - 03:46

So I am working on a multimovement piece right now and when I try to repeat back to the beginning of the respective movement, it only plays some of the notes that I have written. In the first movement where it is repeating back to the very beginning, it does play all of the notes, but on the subsequent movements only some are played. It seems to only be playing the shorter notes(8ths & quarters) and not the longer notes(Half and whole notes). This is only on the first time through, as after the repeat seems fine. This is happening both in playback and when I export to mp3

I have worked around this by adding an empty pick-up bar at the start so then it is repeating back to the second bar. This seems to be working fine.


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