Creating tuplets

• May 2, 2024 - 19:00

While inputting a series of tuplets, when you move the input point to the next note where you want tuplets, pressing Command 6 creates tuplets of an unexpected value. Before pressing Command 6 in the attached example, the blue input point was sitting on a quarter note. Shouldn't it create a tuplet of sixteenths like what precedes?


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Do this again and, immediately after you enter the first tuplet and before you hit Command+6 to create the second, look at the active note duration. You'll find that it's still the sixteenth note. So, it's creating that next hextuplet in the space of a sixteenth note.

You'll need to press 5 to set the quarter note as the active note duration before you press Command+6 to create the hextuplet (or is it sextuplet?, whichever).

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