Piano sounds like guitar or organ

• May 2, 2024 - 14:12

Hi, Please help I have fiddled and unintentionally done something wrong, Now all my pianos sound a bit like organs or guitars even though in F10 the sound is set to 'grand piano'. Also each note has a bit of vibrato to it.

Can you help please



"Piano sounds like guitar or organ"

  1. With your score open in MuseScore, double-click on the instrument name (to the left of the first system).
    Then under "Part properties" click the "Replace instrument" button, and choose Keyboards > Piano, click OK.

  2. Check again in the Mixer that your Sound for the Piano is set to Muse Sounds > Muse Keys > Grand Piano.

If that doesn't work, please attach a problem score (.mscz file) to this forum thread so that someone can check what's happening.

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On your first score. I don't have MU3 any more. So maybe my comments won't mean anything. But in MU4 all instruments are correct and no extra vibrato. MU4 does not seem to respond to fffff dynamic. ff was fine. Also, lower tenor notes are out of range.

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All this suggests that there might be a problem with either my equipment, or the software that I have. I have reinstalled MU 3.6.2 several times in trying to solve the poblem I have (reported in another forum) of notes not playing and this problem of sax note vibration. I have changed the sound card on my desk top to a supposed better performing one - but all to no avail. Maybe it is the instrument sound founts.

Its there perhaps a library of alternative instrument sound founts that I can try that work with MuseScore, and if so how would I go about installing them?

Also is there any setting in the 'Synthesizer' that I should change. The settings I have under 'fluid' is MuseScore_General.sf3, Master effect: no effects, Zerberus - blank, tuning 440 Hz, Dynamics method : default, CC to use: CC2 (default). Under 'Advanced Setting' I have selected 'reset all' . Then 'load default' and clicked 'save to score'.

Under 'Master effects' there are a whole lot of dials, like delay, HP damping and I am, not sure what all these are for what they should be set at.

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