Desynchronize button is not present on toolbar - or anywhere

• May 1, 2024 - 14:50

I have seen references to a desynchronize button on the toolbar, but I can't find it anywhere. The only way I have found to accomplish complete desynchronization is to turn-of all three synchronization choices for each part, and this is a very long process for large band scores. It is important to do this so that style changes in parts are not lost during the next save.



The buttons appear in the Appearance section of the properties panel - not the toolbar. They appear only when you have selected an item in the part, not when you are looking at the score. This makes sense as one stave in the score may appear in more than one part, for example a piano part may include piano plus choral staves, and there may also be a choral only part or single voice parts and hence one part may be synchronised whereas another may not. Synchronisation is a property of the part.

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I understand your reply and would be perfectly happy if only there were a way to broadcast properties to all parts. I am convinced that if there were a simple, quick way to desynchronize all parts, then by using it, most of the numerous reported problems with loss of style settings during save would be eliminated.

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