Invalid score after saving

• May 1, 2024 - 04:50

I was working on a score, and when I tried to save it, it said I couldn't and to come back later. So, I saved the score as a copy to try and get around the error code. When I reopened Musecore, the copy score is invalid, and the old score got reverted back hours of progress. Is there a way to open the copy score or get the progress back on the old score?


Open the file using a hex editor or advanced text editor. If it only contains zeros then there is no way to recover it and you need to revert to any backup copy you made.

If the file contains data then try using a ZIP/archive program to open it and look for the MSCX file contained within it it as that holds your music data.

If you are still stuck, then post the MSCZ file here.

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