Adjust position of hairpins without magnetic/automatic placement

• Apr 30, 2024 - 20:45


Currently working on a minimalist piece, which means I'm using a lot of repeat signs, and there are often dynamic swells within these repeat signs in the form of hairpins. My issue is that the dynamics that follow the repeated section automatically connect to the cresc./decresc. that I've notated.

In the screenshots I've attached, the mezzo-forte is actually louder than the previous section, but the decrescendo connects to it across the repeat (image 1)—this is a minor problem, but a bit confusing for the musicians. Upon moving the end of the hairpin, it snaps to the previous note and is now a little too short (image 2)—maybe a little clearer, but could still look a little tidier.

Is there any way to disable magnetic layout/automatic placement on specific elements so the decrescendo is placed at the end of the bar before the repeat sign, or any other workaround for this kind of issue?

Thanks :)

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It is possible to very slowly drag the end of the hairpin back close to the repeat. However, if the end of the hairpin is still associated with the the dynamic after the repeat, I don't think playback will be correct. It wasn't correct on my system. Since this is for live players, that might not be important for you.
Personally I would be tempted to put the mp on the last note before the repeat (and leave it on the first note after the repeat) and remove all doubt as to what must happen. Both for real players and for MuseScore. Since repeated sections tend to be self-contained.

Actually your topic seems to indicate what you need to do for this. After adding the hairpin, disable the automatic placement option in the properties panel which should prevent the hairpin to connect across the repeat.

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