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• Apr 30, 2024 - 19:21

Hello everyone!
When importing a MIDI file of a piano performance, the bass and treble clefs are created inverted and mixed up, resulting in incorrect playback of the MIDI file (see attached screenshot). Importing the same MIDI file into "SeeMusic" from the App Store (I have a MacBook Air M1 2020), the playback is perfect in every aspect! (it doesn't create notation/scores but only plays the file, highlighting the keys on a virtual keyboard).
Does anyone know the reason for this error? Do you know how to correct the score or import the MIDI file correctly? Could it be some setting?
Thanks in advance!

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It has to do with the way that MIDI works and it will depend on the application that creates the MIDI. Some MIDIs will import fine, others will not. For those that don't, your only real option is to manually fix the problems.

One idea that might help. Create the piano score in your ... "SeeMusic" (?) app and save it. Then save a version with ONLY the treble clef, and another version with ONLY the bass clef. Import them separately into MuseScore. Then copy each of the two versions separately into the treble and bass clef of a blank piano score (created in MuS).

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I got you, but the strange thing is that the same MIDI file opened in other softwares works pretty well. I tried this morning "Finale" on my Macbook in demo version, and the sheet music created from that file is absolutely perfect! No single issue with, it's ready to be printed. As I said yesterday, on SeeMusic played well (no sheet music generated there). Uploaded the same MIDI file on "Midiano" online and works great, generating right sheet I'm consequently thinking, that the problem is Musescore. Is the only software that doesn't recognise the MIDI file in correct way and messes it up!

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This is the file.
I tried it on "Finale" in demo version on Macbook and works perfectly (attached screenshot) The sheet music is with no errors, ready to be printed (just an additional empty staff lines were created on Finale, but is pretty obvious that depends on some advanced settings on Finale). The performance is correct and with no errors...

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The problem is that version 4 has lost the MIDI files import panel, see (V3 handbook):


It's more than unfortunate, I still don't understand why V4 sabotages itself to such an extent on an impressive list of missing features that prevents many of us from upgrading to V4.
So, with V3, with a few clicks (and I would have improved things, except that I don't know this score at all), this is what I get.


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Well, you're right! I tried and I confirm that the configuration panel is missing in MS4....however I tried to improve the MIDI file, but although it improved a little, it's still messed up! But again, I have no experience with MS so if you wanna try....the MIDI file is a live piano performance (classic two hands), so the sheet music should be with two staves, one in treble clef and one in bass clef. It's a live performance, with many crushed you can see in the screenshot you've sento to me, all notes are on the same stave...and this is wrong. There must to be the bass clef part as well, so some of those notes are left hand performance (on bass clef stave). Thank you, I appreciate you trying to help me.....

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...this is what the sheet music should be more or less's a screenshot from "Finale" software, where is perfect. Unfortunately I'm unable to save/download from the demo version of Finale (screenshot neither works, for to be imported in Musescore as PDF...)
The only "issue" with the sheet music on Finale is the additional empty staves, that I'm unable to remove on the demo version in the settings...

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...."however I tried to improve the MIDI file, but although it improved a little, it's still messed up! "......with this I mean that I tried the MS3 version, as you told me.....and I tried to adjust the sheet music.
It's okay...Finale unfortunately doesn't save/export or whatever could be useful for me to extrapolate sheet music from Finale! Neither PDF from screenshot worked for me....
Do you know some other free open source notation/manage MIDI software for Mac?

Thank you for now and have a nice day/night ;-)

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