Is there a way to give non-standard note values the beat?

• Apr 30, 2024 - 16:40

I have a piece in a relatively complex time (10/32), where each measure is 1 beat. This beat spans a quarter note tied to a 16th note, and since this is a tied value I can't figure out how to write a tempo marking that can show what that beat is. Is there any way to do this, or perhaps with some alternate method? I'll include a photo of the measure to show why I need such a weird time.

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I don't speak/write Italian at all. Sorry.

Claudio, when I do that the appearance is correct, but the playback is radically incorrect. I had guessed that it would have NO effect on playback, but instead it changes the tempo to the value of the added note taking up the metronome speed. In your example, Claudio, it's 16th note equals 80. (That being the number you showed in that final screenshot.)

Benson01: if you need it to simply display that value, go for it. If you need it to PLAY that tempo, you'll have to do something different, or additional. For example, you could display the symbol that Claudio showed us as System Text and then have a real tempo marking of 16th = ... whatever a single 16th would be and that would be marked as not visible.

Personally, I think that the 16th=whatever would be more understandable to the players.

I hope this is intelligible.

Google Traduttore dice:

Non parlo/scrivo affatto italiano. Scusa.

Claudio, quando lo faccio l'apparenza è corretta, ma la riproduzione è radicalmente sbagliata. Avevo immaginato che non avrebbe avuto alcun effetto sulla riproduzione, ma invece cambia il tempo in base al valore della nota aggiunta riprendendo la velocità del metronomo. Nel tuo esempio, Claudio, la sedicesima è uguale a 80. (Questo è il numero che hai mostrato nello screenshot finale.)

Benson01: se ti serve per visualizzare semplicemente quel valore, provalo. Se ne hai bisogno per SUONARE quel tempo, dovrai fare qualcosa di diverso o aggiuntivo. Ad esempio, potresti visualizzare il simbolo che Claudio ci ha mostrato come testo di sistema e quindi avere una marcatura del tempo reale di 16 = ... qualunque sia un singolo 16 e questo sarebbe contrassegnato come non visibile.

Personalmente penso che 16=qualsiasi cosa sarebbe più comprensibile per i giocatori.

Spero che questo sia comprensibile

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I can just override the tempo marking that is typed and put the quarter note tempo marking in. As for your comment about the 16th note pulse, I think it might be too fast to be helpful. The 16th notes would be played at 310bpm. Also, I'm not sure if I can set a 16th note time in musescore since I'm not seeing it in the tempo palette.

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You can set the 16th note time in exactly the same way you set the quarter note tied to the 16th note time. Copy the character from the Special Characters list.

EDIT: I'm not arguing that you should use it, although I still think it's more easily readable than what you have. Only pointing out that it definitely is possible to use the 1/6th time.

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