Stave spacing keeps growing, can't reduce it.

• Apr 29, 2024 - 22:22

I've got an issue where the stave spacing is ridiculously large when viewing in Horizontal Continuous mode, and every setting I've tried adjusting only makes it worse. I think it started when I changed a bunch of time signatures that were showing 2/2 to use the ¢ symbol instead. The spacing is normal in Page view, but this is much harder to work in because you can't see all the parts at once. In the attached score, you can see all the wind parts are super wide spacing. I want them to look more like the strings on the bottom, so I can see what I'm doing. It must be some kind of bug because making the spacing numbers smaller does the exact same thing as making them larger - literally any change to the values makes the spacing progressively worse every time. I think I've tried every reasonable setting on both the format/page settings as well as on each individual staff. I'm afraid to mess with it anymore because every change only breaks it harder...

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Dang, I may have fixed it - it required rebooting the whole computer though. Still a bug that should be looked into, as there seemed to be no solution short of that.

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