Musescore plays the wrong note

• Apr 26, 2024 - 16:10

Hello to all the pianists,

I have just observed this phenomenon today. In this score, there is an issue when I click on the G written on the bass clef, in measure 61. MuseScore does not play the same note!!! The G it plays in measure 61 is actually an F!!! There is, however, no double flat on the score! Has anyone else encountered this issue before?

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I don't know how, but you have given this G note an y-offset of -0.5sp. This has moved it to the F position without changing the pitch. This offset must be zero!

Select the note (or measure) and press Ctrl+R (Reset Layout).

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Rest assured, you're not responsible for this. This score, which you downloaded from, is very old (from 2016). Until version 3, this problem was caused by double-clicking (as in edit mode) on the notehead followed by an involuntary drag of the mouse. And so, this score came with this error.
Since version 4, this behavior is no longer possible.

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You sure about that, cadiz1? I just did it the other day. But I caught it and fixed it immediately. I noticed it when a C didn't play a C (or whatever note I had moved by mistake). And now I don't know just what I did to drag the note. But it still can happen.

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I think I figured out what I must have done: In the note's Properties / Appearance, I must have adjusted the wrong offset option and moved it up/down that way. Intending to move it right/left. That does move the note without changing the pitch.

As I said, I had noticed it almost immediately. I fixed it without really thinking about it.

So you're right: you cannot do it with the mouse.

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