Stems and notes across staves in piano

• Apr 26, 2024 - 07:33

I'm struggling with the following problem. I cannot figure out how to do what is shown in the attached file -- namely how to place a note from the G clef stave to the F clef stave and connect the stems. I checked the documentation and discovered these two very relevant and useful posts. But they don't work in my case, the solution is general and I can't apply it.

Namely whatever I try, it doesn't look good. For instance, in the last bar, the only way I found to offset the C in the F clef is to set it to first voice, the other two notes to second but then the stems will not overlap with the C in the G clef. And I don't know at all how to do the bars before where the lowest chord note reaches from the top stave to the bottom.
I'd be very happy for advice or solution to this problem.
Thank you in advance for help.

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When I try that and when I try to make the stem longer, the distance between the two staves automatically jumps and increases as illustrated in the attached pictures. Which is a) not looking good even if I make it, b) impossible if this happens several times on the same line like in my case because each of the bars shifts it by something and adjusting one messes up the others.
staves_close.png staves_far.png

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Thank you, switching off the autoplace did magic! We're getting there but not yet there. If I try to place the eights to the F clef, their stems get clumped together. If I try to do the same trick as for the quarters and use some offset, their stems get positioned to the wrong side of the note (as seen in the attached images). I kept the bar marked for you to see the voices.

And this is how it looks when I use some offset

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It's more the “Mirror head” feature that's useful here (in V3, and which I no longer see in V4, another regression I suppose).
So, it's feasible (and there's no need to use 4 voices, 3 are enough).
EDIT: for the record, I hide the beam of the two first 8th notes in voice 1 (and flip the stems voice 2) - and of course use a few horizontal offsets to fine-tune things.



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Wow, impressive. Thank you very much!

In Musescore 4, this mirroring seems to be under the note head Properties -> Head -> Show more -> Note direction (and then <-).
I also haven't found how to hide the beam (it hides the note as well) but it works to just drag it up and merge with the top one.

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"In Musescore 4, this mirroring seems to be under the note head Properties -> Head -> Show more -> Note direction (and then <-) "

Right, thanks, I'd missed it. There are so many clicks to be made to reveal the contents of the submenus with V4. We've been sold a cleaner interface: but at what price!
To hide the beam: simply select it and press “V”.

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