Save and exit didnt work.

• Apr 26, 2024 - 03:16

I was working on a piece earlier today, and I went to exit the app. I had chosen to save with Musescore cloud (since I just lost a piece of work I was working on for a few months because I no longer have that SSD), and when it tried to save, it said it couldnt connect to the cloud. I had thought nothing of it, thinking that it had saved to my computer. I was wrong. I have the log of that session, and I have an MP3 file of what it sounded like, however, I have not yet found a way to use either of those things to restore that version. Was looking for some more help on this.


First, save your file, Save and save and save your file. Over and over and over. If you have ANY kind of error while saving, assume the worst and save it elsewhere. It's waaaaay too much work to recreate it if the worst happens.

Tirade over.

An .MP3 file will definitely be of no value. The log file may explain why the problem happened, but it's not too much help in recovering the file.

MuS 4 (and MuS 3, I believe?) saves backups as you work, but I don't know exactly where they are. Try using the File Explorer (in Windows, or whatever the equivalent is called on a Mac) to search your harddrive for a part of the filename. That is, if the file was named "My Mountain Home.mxcz", try searching for "my mo" or "mountain" or "tain hom" or "home.mscz". And cross your fingers.

Hopefully someone else will come along who can tell you exactly where to look.

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> Hopefully someone else will come along who can tell you exactly where to look.
These are the locations where one can search:


Files in AppData may have cryptical names. So open those which have been saved latest.
The AppData and .mscbackup folders are normally hidden. Ask a search engine how you can make them visible in the operating system you are using.

There is also a hidden backup folder in your scores folder. Lookup how to view hidden folders for your OS.

Was that an external SSD?

Everyone has their preference. Personally, I don't save to the cloud. I almost never use the "save" button. At the end of a session, I use "save as" with the title and an incremental number. That way I have something to go back to, if needed. Sure that leaves you with several copies. Early copies can easily be deleted when no longer needed.

When I read the reports here in the forum, it happens from time to time.

That's why I would recommend: save to your SSD, save again to the cloud and make regular backups of the SSD to an external hard disk. Even if you keep saving with a new name, as bobjp suggested, a SSD can break from one moment to the next. Then everything is gone too ...

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