Ped. symbol missing from the pedal items in the palette

• Apr 26, 2024 - 00:53

Both palette items that should have the Ped. symbol have nothing in the beginning text fields.

20240425 194449-pedal palette.png

The Ped. symbol with the rosette has a "sym" code containing "keyboardPedalUp" in the end text, but nothing in beginning text. The three dots menu has "Reset" and "This is set as the default style for this score" but both are disabled.

Two questions:

1) I assume that I need to add some kind of code similar to the rosette code to get the Ped. symbol. What is the code and are these codes documented somewhere? I searched but couldn't find anything.
2) If I add this to an individual Ped. line I assume that will not add it back to the palette button. How do I re-add the code to the palette?

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I don't think the pedal line with left and right vertical hooks is supposed to have the word Ped. in front of it. Any more than then line with left and right diagonal hooks. Or some of the others. The two to the left in your image are what is normally used. As you know.

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The palette buttons always had the "Ped." symbol, but when I used them to place the symbol into my score, the "Ped." symbol failed to appear. I had forgotten about the same buttons appearing in the Lines palette. (I had been using it from the "Keyboard" palette.)

However, the buttons are magically working correctly again. I don't know why. I did not get any update since I last used them and they appeared incorrectly. (That is, yesterday!)

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Today, none of the buttons with the "Ped" symbol are putting it into the score. Neither the "Ped"-'rosette', nor the "Ped"-'hook" buttons have the required sym code in the Beginning text field when I place it in the score. All four buttons in the palette show the "Ped." symbol, but none of them place it in the score. And, yes, that's all four buttons with that symbol: two in the Keyboard palette and two in the Lines palette.

And JoJo, how did you put the angle brackets (greater-than, less-than signs) into the forum post. They never appear for me. I've tried prefixing them with a back-slash, but they just don't appear.

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Yeah, yesterday--by now, the day before yesterday--they were all working for me too. The exact nature of this problem seems to be changing from one day to the next :-( I can't even think of a way that this would be possible (that is, changing from one day to the next without any other change that I'm aware of) though obviously it is possible since it's happening. *sigh*

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I'm getting really hacked at that secondary flibberwidget. :-D

Today, the "Ped." symbol has re-appeared when I enter the notation from the palettes. All four notations that use the "Ped." symbol. (Or both of them in both palettes.)

I have the code to enter manually into Beginning text if necessary: <sym>>keyboardPedalPed</sym>. I'm just freakin' out at it coming and going.

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