Bug, functions disappear from the mixer!.. (MS4.2)

• Apr 25, 2024 - 17:23

For 3 days, by reopening a score (1 month recent) for symphony orchestra and playing it by the player (which sounded very good before) I discovered a terrible sound with a big exaggerated vibrato on the woodwinds and a very sound quality far from what I had obtained before.
By opening the mixer I notice that the entire woodwind section has gone back to "Ms basics" instead of the "Muse sounds" even though I never did anything to return to these old sounds (my arrangement was well recorded with all the Muse sounds so far).
In addition, I also notice that "FX audio" has also disappeared from the mixer even though it is clearly checked in --> ... --> "playback configuration" --> "display" --> " Audio FX".
and yet it appears nowhere. How to recover it?
Is it normal for sections to pass "on their own" from Musesounds to Ms Basic without us wanting to?


Furthermore, I take this opportunity to report another bug (since I started using it), not very serious but hey, it's not very normal...
When you are listening with headphones and you turn off your headphones (Bluetooth connection) or unplug the jack (if connected by cable) this causes Musescore to crash and crash every time. you must restart it especially by clicking "do you want to restore the previous session" otherwise all your recent work is lost. So it is better to remember each time you work with headphones to first save your work and then only unplug your Bluetooth headset connection or jack.

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I also forgot to indicate that I cannot put the woodwind section back into Musesounds since there are only the Basics available for this entire section in the mixer, so that makes 2 things that have disappeared from the mixer without that I haven't manipulated anything (FX and woodwind section in Musesounds) with absent subscribers, on the other hand I have the choir section available in the mixer even though I never downloaded it initially! How do you explain this and how should I proceed to recover FX and woodwinds in Musesounds? THANKS.

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Guessing an attempt was made to update some parts of the MuseSounds (like the Woodwinds) and that has not completed successfully.

If the Woodwinds is still listed in the MuseHub, I would suggest to remove it (press the ALT key while you have the MuseHub open to get the trash icon) and then re-download them. And you probably need to do the same for the MuseFX.

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