31 EDO or Xentuner?

• Apr 24, 2024 - 23:13

I'm trying to mess around with some 31 EDO music and upon my search I encountered two plugins to use, one simply called "31 EDO" and the other is "Xentuner", problem is, I am having a lot of issues properly setting them up and I got no idea what to do. Can anyone help?


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The way it's supposed to work, once you're finished writing the score, is by simply running the plugin from the plugin drop-down menu. There isn't a visual feedback for the plugin completing the tuning, but it usually only take a fraction of a second to run.
You can check that the score has been tuned by selecting a note and checking under Properties -> Playback -> Tuning. If the plugin has run successfully, then most of these should have non zero values. (Due to the way this was set up, the note D will have an offset of 0, but everything else should have a non zero offset)

This plugin might be simpler to use, focusing specifically on retuning notes to 31-EDO.
This plugin is more versatile, allowing you to explore various microtonal tunings, including 31-EDO. However, it requires a bit more configuration. Find the latest version of the "31 EDO" plugin online (a web search should help you locate it). Download the .qml file and follow MuseScore's instructions for installing plugins (usually involves placing the file in the MuseScore plugins directory). https://www-kynect.com

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