Bug: 16th-Note Tuplets Sometimes Not Possible

• Apr 24, 2024 - 02:12

Sometimes when Mac: Cmd + 3 is pressed over an eighth note to create sixteenth-note triplets, the subdivision and bracket correctly appears but then there is no way to actually enter notes into the triplet.

This happened when I was working towards the end of an existing piece, but not when I started a new score. The work around I chose was to write the sixteenth-note triplets in a new score and then copy and paste them into the old score that gave me problems.


I've not seen anything like that. I'm able to add any sort of tuplet over any duration of note ... at least, any that I've tried ... and specifically, triplets over an eighth note. Since it worked normally on another score, it seems likely that something's wrong with the one score.

Please attach the score (the .MSCZ file, not a screenshot) here and we can look at it to try to find the problem.

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