MuseScore Studio 4.3 Beta is now available

• Apr 23, 2024 - 17:51

Hi everyone,

We're pleased to announce that the Beta release for MuseScore Studio 4.3 is now available. You can download it here for:

Once the beta is installed, it will show up on your machine as “MuseScore 4 Testing”. You can install it alongside your current version of MuseScore 4, but please be aware that the two versions will share preferences and workspaces. Also, if you save any score files with 4.3 then you will not be able to open them with previous versions of MuseScore 4.

If you find any issues, please report them on GitHub. As always, please check first that the issue hasn’t already been raised, and ideally try to reproduce it in the latest nightly build before reporting.

See this post for a list of new features in the 4.3 release.

Please note, the sound flags feature requires Muse Sounds with Muse Sampler version 0.6.1. You can check the Muse Sampler version via MuseScore Studio's Diagnostic menu > Muse Sampler > Check Muse Sampler. If it doesn't say 0.6.1 or higher on Windows or macOS, you need to uninstall Muse Hub and then install Muse Hub Beta from the bottom of this webpage.

Many thanks,
The MuseScore Team


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Update: Multiple grace notes are still played like appoggiaturas instead of accacciaturas. Appoggiatura is supposed to be half the value of the main note. Accacciatura is played as fast as possible, or in a "crushed" way. I'm sure you've heard about it. If not, go to Youtube and look up the Ralph Williams car commercial. Sorry, I need more sleep.

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The icon appears on screen only - like system breaks or frame outlines, it’s not in print or PDF. And it only appears when the text is selected. And it only appears for texts attached to staves that are using Muse Sounds.

But if you’re curious about how this all works, I’d encourage you to simply download it for yourself and help test!

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Which sound did you try? I just test sopranos with ooh vs aah vs mmm, and it’s maybe a bit subtle but still an unmistakeable difference. Tenors are more obvious. Also seems to depend on the range.

Be sure you actually have the update Muse Sampler, not just the update Muse Choir. The list you pointed shows you do have the sounds, but to check the sampler, use Diagnostic / Muse Sampler. It should say 0.6 or later.

Musescore is a great composition software, it has everything I need to compose and arrange songs, but I miss a solo double bass. All the instruments of Muse Sounds are incredible, the Strings have all solo and emsembled instruments, except for the solo double bass. If anyone knows if Musescore will have a solo double bass, please tell me. If not, I'd like to know a free solo double bass soundfont. Thanks for any help!

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