Saving style changes

• Apr 22, 2024 - 15:26

Hi! New to MuseScore, and trying to learn by doing. Mostly going well but one problem I can't solve: changing measure numbers. I've discovered by going on my PC version to Format>Style>Measure Numbers I can adjust the measure numbering system to what i'm looking for: start with the first measure, and add numbers every four measures thereafter. I can see the system making that change on my score in the background. But there's not a Save or Apply button at the bottom of the Measure Numbers page, and when I go back to my score, the measure numbers revert to default settings. What am I doing wrong?


There should be a OK button on the bottom of the style window - at least it is in MuS 3.
Maybe you need to move and/or resize the style window to see it.

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