Chord symbols are not played correctly by Musescore 4

• Apr 22, 2024 - 13:32

Hello. Musescore is not playing the chords I write correctly. For example: A"F" with a major seventh (that I always wrote F7M), it plays without a seventh and without a fifth. Musescore plays only 2 "Fs" in different octaves. When I put "F7" it plays a "F" triad. And so on. The minor chords seem to be OK: I wrote Dm7 and Dm6 and it played them correctly. What is happening ? Why does Musescore interpret some chords wrong? I would appreciate it if anyone can help. Thanks.


You wrote:
For example: A"F" with a major seventh (that I always wrote F7M)...

Enter as FM7 -- so, as you say, "F major seventh"; and not F7M -- "F seventh major".

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I think it's a matter of the way countries use and say the names of chords.
Indeed, when I write the way you suggested "FM7", MS4 plays the chord correctly.
I'm Brazilian, and here in Brazil we say "Fá com sétima maior", and everyone writes F7M, never FM7.
But I'm thankful that you helped me to understand the issue : Fmaj7 also works fine.
But it's curious that when I replace the 7M with the triangle (also used all around the world to define M7 chords), MS4 keeps ignoring the note "E" : It plays a basic triadic chord.
I mean, even if the "M7" or "7M" should be explained by a difference between the way people say and write chords from country to country, the triangle should stop the duality and work for everyone...but no.
THNX !!!

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