Guitar Tabs Do not correspond to the actual notes; wish for a method to 'lock' and unlock a score

• Apr 21, 2024 - 23:41

I you are entering 8Va notes for melody on guitar; entering an E note on the lowest member of the staff corresponds to an Open E on a linked tab. This is incorrect. I should be either on the second string 5th fret, 8th fret 3rd string ..depending on user choice. I see no method available to correct this and it is annoying as heck.
There should be settings made when adding a linked staff to avoid this situation.

Secondly there should be a method to 'lock' a score so that it cannot be altered; perhaps using a password or phrase or simply a button to provide both the lock and unlock functions.


First, this forum is to request new features, not to report problems or to ask for help. In future, post such questions in the Support and bug reports forum ( or the General discussion forum ( That said ...

When you enter a note on a notation staff, the linked tab staff puts that note on the highest-pitch string available. If you add another note onto the same beat (a chord), it will arrange the two (or more) notes so that they are on separate strings, both as high-pitched a string as possible. Another way to think of it is that the tab puts all the notes as close to the nut as possible.

If you have a guitar staff (treble clef with 8vb) and you put a note on the lowest line of that treble clef and then add an 8va to that note, it puts the tab on 1st string, open ... which is the same note as 2nd string, 5th fret, and the same as 3rd string, 9th fret.

If you don't like where a note appears on the tab, click the number (the fret indicator) on the tab and press Ctrl+Up or Ctrl+Down to move it to higher or lower strings. (It will calculate the correct fret based on your string definitions.) See….

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