Individual part formatting

• Apr 21, 2024 - 20:47

I became accustomed to having a lot of control over the formatting of individual parts in Musescore 3, but with the new system for parts in Musescore 4 being very different, I no longer understand how to format individual parts without making those same changes to every other part at the same time. I've searched the handbook and came across a feature called "Score synchronisation" but am unable to locate such a thing in the actual software myself. Can anybody assist? I'm really just trying to add page breaks and line breaks into certain places in some parts but not others.


To add system/page breaks in a part, simply go to the part and add them where you like. Breaks added to the score do not transfer to the parts, and breaks added in a part do not affect the score or any other parts.

The 'score synchronisation' features are described in the handbook here and is controlled via the Properties panel; this is relevant for the styling and positioning of individual items, but system/page breaks are not part of this system.

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