Missing measure in a bar

• Apr 20, 2024 - 19:11

Something really strange happened in a composition I made. For some reason a bar is missing a measure. When exporting the individual parts I realized that it was missing a measure, I thought it was an error when exporting the midi, but I see that it is in the score itself.
I guess I'm going to copy and paste each parts to a new project because this one is corrupt.


Please attach the score itself rather than a screenshot. FYI: quite unusual that a screenshot would be of any value in this sort of situation.

Can you see that little gray minus sign in measure 295 (it would be clearer if you had a lighter background)?

This indicates that this measure is too short. Right-click on the measure, open the measure properties and change the value in the "actual" field from 10/8 to 12/8.

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