Constant Crashing

• Apr 20, 2024 - 18:40

I'm using MuseScore 4 (not sure which exact version; I have the latest update) and I cannot change the guitar soundfont to literally anything else without it crashing. This is about the 4th score I've had this issue with and I cannot find a single way around it. It's as though the score is permanently cursed after adding any guitar staff. I'm pretty disappointed that this program has regressed more and more over the last 10 years. It also sucks that guitars don't have nearly the same playback range as they did in previous versions. Sure, the new electric guitar soundfonts are cool (when they actually play back), but I can't even hear playback in standard baritone tuning, let alone 8- or 9-string guitars because the range is so limited. It's also probably worth noting that all the scores I'm talking about have edited string data to non-standard tunings. I haven't tried this out in regular old 6-string standard tuning, but it does still crash without extra strings added.

If anyone else on here uses this program for metal tabs, do you feel the same? What solutions have helped you? Should I just go back to MuseScore 3?


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