how to make sheet sfizz

• Apr 20, 2024 - 15:01

how do you change a sheet that was created in Musecore 3 and inported in musecore 4 to SFIZZ (SFZ) playback


Guessing here that you created the file in MuS 3, opened it in MuS 4 (which updated it to the current version), and then imported the MuS 4 version to SFIZZ. (Possibly you exported from MuS 4 to .MID or .MP3, then imported that to SFIZZ.) If so, you should have the MuS 4 version somewhere on your computer, a .MSCZ file. Find that file and open it in MuS 4, then modify it.

Search your hard drive for some part of the filename. For example, if the filename was "My Mountain Home.mscz", try searching the hard drive for "my mo" or "mountain" or "tain ho" or "home.mscz". On Windows and Unix (don't know about Mac?), searching for "*.mscz" will find all files with an extension of ".mscz".

I'm fairly sure that there's no way to import a .SFZ file into any version of MuseScore. (Correct me if I'm wrong?)

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