Marimba rolls wont playback how they are supposed to in real life.

• Apr 20, 2024 - 01:28

Currently, the playback of marimba rolls in MuseScore (version 4.2) is incorrect, except for when it's a single note. I've been using MuseScore 3.2 for about five years and I've recently upgraded to version 4. However, the issue I was hoping would be fixed in the new version persists. If you are wondering how they are supposed to sound, file:///C:/Users/surber_907476/Downloads/New%20Recording%20280%20copy.m4a is a link that should let you listen to the audio, I can't attach m4a or mp3 here so I had to link it. Anyways it includes the music on the example Musescore file. essentially instead of playing 2, 3, or 4 notes at the same time at 16th note speeds, you play half of the notes with one hand and the other half with your other hand about as fast as you to go usually just not slow, but it's technically half of whatever the tremolo marking is. so 16th tremolo would be at 8th note speeds. I've seen other posts around here with the same issue but as far as I'm aware nothing has been implemented yet. I understand that it may seem trivial, but as someone who has been composing music on marimba using Musescore for a long time, it's frustrating when I press the play button and everything sounds fine except for the roll section of a song or even just a measure of rolls, which throws me off. I have to remind myself that it will sound right when I play it in person. I think a good way to implement a feature that fixes this is to put it somewhere in the inspector/properties tab of a Tremelo. It should say like "split roll in playback" or something. There's something already in the properties tab of Tremelos that I don't know the function of, but I can't use them, as they are always greyed out. If I'm just being stupid and there is something that does what I'm describing, and that isn't jerry-rigging it to work, or making the roll look different on the score, then post it in this form please :D

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That's the closest I've heard to replicating a marimba roll in Musescore, and with some finessing, I managed to make it look how I wanted it to look. Thank you! But its still far from perfect. The rolls are too fast right now, and for a delicate section like this, it kinda ruins it, also I had to use a Trello symbol from the master palette and do a lot of hiding and muting just to get it to where it is now. If i have to do that for every chord, or really anytime there's a marimba roll, then i feel like it should be a full feature where you just press a button and use like a slider or number not just 16th, 32nd or any solid duration. At least for mallet percussion. the amount of lines a tremolo has isn't really given thought when playing mallet percussion unless there is use of varying speeds of tremolos within the piece.

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In this example, enter notes as in measure 6. Then select a note on beat one and select the "32nd note tremolo between notes". The result is measure 7. This is standard for piano tremolos.

I'm not sure it is worth too much effort to get good sound out of the Muse Basic marimba.

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