Corrupted score

• Apr 18, 2024 - 19:21

Hello everyone.

I've just lost my score which is an important exam that i needed to submit today. I've done all the recovery methods suggested but with zero success at all. I don't know what else to do. Please, if someone can help me, i will be forever in debt.

The score is an arrangement I've been working the last 3 weeks for my university.

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Stella By Starlight.mscz 47 KB


When you are working in Musescore 4 and save a project file, a copy of it is also saved to the .mscbackup folder in the same directory. This folder is hidden. To see it, you need to enable show hidden folders in the windows explorer settings…
After that, go to this folder, find a file in it that is similar in name to Stella By Starlight.mscz, copy it to another location and try to open

This is not the first time that both files (main and backup) contain zeros, raising questions about Musescore's saving strategy.
If backup is the same, why is it needed at all?
I see that Notepad++ has been struggling with the exact same problem for a long time. I wonder how they solved it.

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