A couple of random questions...

• Oct 27, 2008 - 03:31
  • Musescore seems to understand some chord nomenclature. For example, if I enter a Cm7, it makes the 7 a superscript. But if I enter Caug7, it doesn't. So it seems to know what a minor 7 is, but not an augmented (at least the way I typed them). What chord nomenclature does Musescore know? Or is there some other rule it uses to superscript the number? And what if I want a C6+9 (and have 6/9 be a "6 over 9" rather than side by side)?
  • Is there a way to change the note heads (or other properties) of several notes at once? I was created a drum track and had to change each note individually after I added them as regular notes.



If you right-click on a chord name and select "Harmony Properties..." it shows what is recognized. I haven't used the chord names much so I don't remember if the harmony properties dialog was working in 0.9.3 or not but it works in the latest prereleases. As of r.1204 the "aug7" suffix is not included in the list of recognized chords although "aug" by itself is and so is "7#5". As a workaround you can add superscript to the 7 using F2 special text panel.

You can change several notes heads at once by selecting them and then double clicking an item in the palette. There is also work to improve support for drum notation via mouse input in the prereleases for 0.9.4.

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I was envisioning something like: click on the desired note head in the note head palette. That note head is highlighted and is the one to use until I click another. Or, perhaps have a note head on the tool bar that toggles when clicked between the choices to tell me which note head will be used on note creation. Or, select whole measures and double click a note head in the palette (individually selecting notes with the mouse is tedious) to change the notes that are in the selection. There are probably several other ways this could reasonably be done.

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