My score was licensed but it was a Musescore mistake

• Apr 16, 2024 - 09:40

I've published an educational score in which I take five examples of songs and show their chords, which are all similar. In the description, I say that these chords are also the same for many other songs, including some by Taylor Swift. Musescore thought I'd made a score of her song, and licensed it because "The copyright holder has prohibited us from publishing any scores related to this work.".

I pointed out the error two months ago by clicking on the "It is an error" button, and nothing has changed since. I also edited the description of the score to remove "Taylor Swift". What should I do now?


It's probably not worth all the effort to get it corrected. Much easier to upload as a new score, (without the triggers in the description), then delete the old online score once the new one is working.

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