Creating blocks of lyrics/text next to staves using MuseScore 4?

• Apr 13, 2024 - 14:09


This is my very first post on this forum

I would like to use MuseScore 4 to create a songbook type score, where there are blocks of lyrics on the left with the piano arrangement on staves to the the right of the text, having the page in landscape view. But I have no idea where to start, or if this is even possible using MuseScore 4.

Could anyone point me in the right direction please if possible?

Thank you, :)



It is possible but needs some extra work and several steps. I prooved it for MuS 3, but it should be almost identical in MuS 4.

  1. Set up the score and write the notes.
  2. select the first measure and insert a horizontal frame. Enlarge it horizontally to make space for the text.
  3. decide where you need a system break and set one.
  4. do the same for the first measure of the next staff and so on to the end of the page. Enlarge them too.
  5. right-click on the top frame and select Add -> Text.
  6. enter your text until you reach the end of the page (or the end of the text). The entire text can be entered in this first frame. The frames of the other staves are only intended for indenting the lower staves.
  7. if the score continues on the next page, insert a page break at the end of the 1st page. Repeat everything for the second page from point 2.
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Thank you so much!!

At this point I can't really do it because I have no knowledge at all of this software. But HildeK, the picture you show represents exactly what I want to achieve. And so at least I now know it's possible to do it at some point.

This is just awesome, and best of all, I don't have to buy Sibelius which I thought I might have to do.

Thank you to both of you.

Cliff :-)

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Hi again,

I just tried the process using MuseScore 4, and it works slightly differently to version 3. In that once you select some measures in the staff you wish to focus on, you then have to go to the 'add' menu at the top of the window where right-clicking within the staff seems to have no option for adding a frame anymore?.

But that's okay, because at this point I think this is the only change across the versions in regards to this specific process. And once I figure out general use of the software, MuseScore 4 should do the job excellently!

Thanks again

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The 'add' menu also works in MuS 3. Unfortunately, I didn't mention that.
And you always have to expect that there will be minor or major differences in the operation of the various versions. Unfortunately, there are also a few things that are no longer or not yet available in MuS 4.
The important thing is that you have still found your way!

Much easier to do a "songbook" in portrait mode, as shown in the screenshot attached. Music at the top of the page with one or two verses in the notation. All the rest of the verses below the notation in a vertical frame appended to the final barline. (That's the orientation I've always seen for "songbooks" *shrug*)

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