Dynamics do not work on a specific midi

• Apr 13, 2024 - 00:38

So I have a messy midi with velocities that are completely incorrect. So I go to reset them, then add dynamics.
Then I export that to midi, and all dynamics do not work. Even without resetting velocities, exporting to midi, dynamics are not recognised. Changing individual note velocities work perfectly however. This does not happen normally. I originally imported this from midi if that changes anything.
Using a midi editor, inspecting a note from a midi file that was originally fully created in Musescore from scratch has absolutely no different event values from a note from a midi file that was originally imported as midi.
Dynamics work within the Musescore score editor but do not carry over when exporting.
WTF this is annoying me.


The attached files,
1.mscz - The musescore file that is originally imported from a midi
2.mscz - The musescore file that is made from scratch in Musescore

1 - All dynamics are ignored when exporting to midi
2 - Dynamics are also exported and note velocities are set accordingly

You can even try resetting all velocity values of all notes in 1.mscz and try exporting with dynamics and they dont change

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Since I can only use MuS 3.7, I took a look at it. (Your appendix 2.mid is missing).

First of all, I noticed that the notes in 1.mscz have a large velocity offset (greater than 50). In 2.mscz this is 0 for all notes and this is also the normal case when you write notes in a new score.

The velocity range in Musescore can be between 0 and 127, while ppp has the value 16 and fff the value 126. If you now set 'f' (=96) and the offset still has 60, for example, the note would have 96+60=156, but the maximum value is only 127. It is therefore played like fff (=126). In MuS 3.7, however, you can still hear differences between ppp, pp and ff in 1.mscz.
You should therefore select all notes and set the offset to zero so that the dynamic signs can have the correct effect. I have done this for 1a.mscz (MuS 3.7).

However, the MIDI export from MuseScore 3.7 also takes place as it can be heard in the program during playback - with the limitations mentioned. Attached are the two MIDI files I created from your files 1.mscz and 2.mscz. Check how those play in a MIDI player.

If this is not the case in MuS 4, then it would be a regression to version 3.

But when I import 1a.mid and 2a.mid back into MuS 3, the dynamics are of course missing and all notes have the absolute velocity value 'User' - corresponding to the values they originally received by inserting ppp, mf or fff. Then applying dynamics there will not work until you change the type to 'Offset' and the value to zero. Now everything is played in 'mf'. And then you have to specify your own dynamics.

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I wrote: First of all, I noticed that the notes in 1.mscz have a large velocity offset (greater than 50).

I assume that you changed the velocity type from "User" to "Offset" after importing the MIDI file and that this is the reason for this.

The MIDI format is only capable of setting absolute velocity values for each note. If the notes have a constantly changing velocity, it will be very time-consuming to implement this in MuseScore using the usual dynamic designations.

You should then leave it as it is and add the dynamics at most as rough information for the musician, which has no effect when playing and exporting from MuseScore.

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Wow! Thank you for your help. Honestly, I do not know why Musescore 4 is so horrible. Downloading the unofficial Musescore 3.7, importing the .mscz into there > selecting all notes > changing offset velocity to 0 > saving and opening in Musescore 4 > adding dynamics. Works now, all dynamics properly change the notes, for some reason, resetting velocity in Musescore 4, doesn't actually allow any dynamics for some reason. So now I have to use both Musescore 3.7 and 4. How do I flag this as a bug in Musescore 4?

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