Make it go slower

• Apr 12, 2024 - 16:07

I write the notes and the software plays it back at a breakneck 120. How can I change the speed?


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Sorry, the link referred to MuS 3. Here for MuS 4:

I didn't mean the playback panel. That tempo slider is only for temporarily slower or faster playback. The next time you open your score, the old tempo will be there again!

I meant the setting of the basic tempo of the score. Open the tempo palette. There you should find a window similar to the one in MuS 3:

Select a note or rest for the beginning of this tempo and add one of these markings. Edit the number to the desired value. I added a second tempo mark in measure 3 as an example and changed it to 132.

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The slider you have been referring to is only visible if one drags the six dots to the left of the rewind icon.
Interesting, in all the articles about tempo and tempo marking and text markings for tempo, nowhere did anyone write about how to make this slider visible.
I had to discover it by accident.

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