Score plays only the selected clef for some songs

• Apr 12, 2024 - 15:25

I moved scores from Musescore 3 to 4. About half of them have a playback quirk:
When I select a measure by clicking in either the bass or treble clef, only that clef plays. The other clef is mute.
In order to play both I have to click one clef, then Shift-Click the other clef to select both of them. Then when I hit play they both sound. It's annoying to have to do that every time I want to play a section.

This is not how it worked in version 3, and it's not how some of the other (former version 3) scores work in 4. I've searched the manual and the score settings and can't see how to fix this.
I've attached two scores -- Moon River has the problem, Are You Lonesome Tonight does not. (The remainder of my scores I've checked are split.)

Any idea why it happens and how to correct it?

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In MU4, if you select a measure, only that staff will play. Select a note where you want the score to stat playing. Not a measure.

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Thank you, that does work. I didn't see it in the documentation.

However it raises another question: the second song I uploaded (as well as others I have) plays both staffs even when I select only one staff (not a note). I created both songs in MU3 using, as far as I can recall, the same settings. But they behave differently in regard to selection and muting.

Your response resolves my original question, so thanks very much.

I went back to the manual and found where it explained this. I had read that section before posting but I missed the distinction between clicking on a note vs a measure. Funny how you can see just what you expect to see, rather than what's actually there.

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And the manual can be difficult, sometimes.
But to answer the second question. Moon River is two different staves that use a piano sound. So selecting a measure in either will play only that staff.
The other score is a is a piano score (grand staff). So it is one instrument. Not two instruments using the same sound.

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